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Adding flexibility, diversity, and reliability to the workforce
Staffing solutions reimagined
Your staffing goals, within reach
Specializing in the placement and support of people with disabilities
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Your partner in staffing solutions that make a difference

Welcome to Employ America! Our mission is simple; we connect you to a skilled and dependable workforce of individuals who happen to have disabilities. Over the last 40 years, Employ America has been an industry leader in the placement and support of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Give us an opportunity to help fill your employment needs without the markups and placement fees!

Turnkey staffing solutions for any enterprise

Direct Hire

Let us connect you with a highly motivated and skilled workforce without any placement fees! Our unique approach focuses on creating opportunities, not profiting from our partners.


Finding first-rate employees can be costly and time consuming. Let us demonstrate how Employ America’s innovative programs have helped businesses like yours for over 40 years!

Employ America Crews

Find a crew that thrives while working for you, without placement fees, markups, or the high Premiums that staffing agencies charge. We’re here for you!

Internship Program

Our internship program allows you to provide opportunity while evaluating an employee’s compatibility with your business. We promote a “working interview” structure, so you know right away if a candidate’s skills match your needs.

We connect employees with employers. Our unique services, and dedication to clients, make it as simple as that!

We partner with businesses, governmental entities, and community agencies all over California to create relationships between employers, and employees with disabilities.

Industries Served

Employ America partners with businesses in a wide array of industries across California!

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Proud partner of Employ America for over 30 years
Bella Hawley - Warner Brothers
Helping us stay green and a big part of the Warner Brother’s Family
Warner Brothers
Bella Hawley - Intel
Employ America has played a vital role in our food service kitchen operations

A sensible business choice

Don’t just take our word for it...

I am pleased to recommend Employ America to any company looking for cost saving operational support solutions. EmployAmerica work crews and professional job coaches have proven to be trustworthy, reliable and efficient as well as adaptable and flexible to last minute schedule changes while performing landscaping at one of the university’s larger properties.
Real Estate Development, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc.
I would highly recommend Employ America to any company or organization. The work was embraced by Employ America workers and they have done a great job. Kings County Superior Court has truly benefited from this partnership with Employ America not only from a cost savings perspective, but giving back to the community in helping individuals with disabilities to have the opportunity to be a productive individual. One can see their sense of pride and dedication to the task at hand and the fulfillment knowing what they are doing is an important task for the Kings County Superior Court.
Deputy Court Executive
Superior Court of California
Hiring Employ America is a cost saving for businesses. The job coach saves time because once Employ America workers are trained to do the job, you don’t have to worry about the competing of the work or people calling out and filling the spot. Basically you get two for the price of one along with all the other perks of helping a community of people that need and are proud to lead productive lives
General Manager
Sodexo at Broadcom
Employ America brings much more to the company than the simple tasks we ask them to provide. Employ America team members interact with our company employees and you see greater humility team work and appreciation for the blessings in their own lives. Employ America is an amazing company that provides a necessary service to do what needs to be done. Their supervisors are great responsible people and the clients are amazing to work with. Any company looking to change their employee culture or boost morale should strongly consider teaming with Employ America achieve these results
Operations Manager
Alta Dena Dairy
Quality work accomplished in a short period of time, reliable staff, and satisfaction in knowing that we are using staffs that are part of a wonderful program designed to keep people working and a smart economic choice. We are impressed with the staff. Everyone is positive and works hard. The staff leads are excellent about keeping us informed and letting us know what they need to stay productive. We really appreciate all of the positivity. This has been a great experience for Harvey Mudd College!
Operation Manager
Harvey Mudd College
Employ America is contracted with the City of Diamond Bar for litter abatement services at various locations throughout the city. The City of Diamond Bar takes great pride in the appearance of its public right-of-way areas. With the services rendered by Employ America the City has been able to maintain its high standards and expectations of its constituents. City staff has been very satisfied with the services rendered by Employ America and as Parks and Maintenance Superintendent I would happily recommend their services.
Park Manager
City of Diamond Bar (Parks and Maintenance Superintendent)
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Latest headlines

Impacting Communities

Our workers were recognized at the Tulare City Council Meeting for their outstanding hard work, dedication, and impact they’ve made on the community.

Erin is now employed by Paramount Dental Studio!

Erin is a very talented Graphic Designer who was eager to expand his skillset and grow as a professional. Erin began working with Paramount Dental Studio in November and has since become one of their best employees! He has been trained in AutoCAD designing nightguards and molds, and in 3D Printing using Carbon 3D printers.