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Latest headlines

Impacting Communities

Our workers were recognized at the Tulare City Council Meeting for their outstanding hard work, dedication, and impact they’ve made on the community.

Erin is now employed by Paramount Dental Studio!

Erin is a very talented Graphic Designer who was eager to expand his skillset and grow as a professional. Erin began working with Paramount Dental Studio in November and has since become one of their best employees! He has been trained in AutoCAD designing nightguards and molds, and in 3D Printing using Carbon 3D printers. 

Congratulations Michael!

Michael has been a part of the SVS family for several years and has actively contributed to various work crews before transitioning into the Individual Placement program. Although it took a few months and several interviews, Michael maintained a positive attitude and unwavering motivation throughout the process. Eventually, we were able to secure a position for him with El Segundo Parks and Recreation, where he plays an important role in coordinating community events and sports programs.

Another Success!

Omar has been working at Home Depot for over six months now and has shown to be a very reliable employee and excellent team player.

Christina working at the Wag Hotel

Mid-summer 2022, Christina was offered a position with Wag Hotels in Carson and has been doing incredible ever since.

From Internship to Direct Hire

Thanks D&H for trusting Employ America and for hiring Dylan!

We are excited to start at Troy Products!

The crew will be playing a very important role in keeping police officers safe.

Congratulations Jason on the new job!

After two years in Job Development, Jason began working at City Hall in July 2021 as an intern and was then brought on to work in the City Manager’s office as a file clerk.