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Employ America

Specializing in the placement and support of people with disabilities

We help our customers discover new life

Employ America is a division of Social Vocational Services, created to maximize opportunities in the workplace for people with disabilities. Our mission is to connect businesses with a skilled and dependable workforce of individuals who just happen to have a disability.

In the 40 years since its establishment, Employ America has grown to serve thousands of people across the state of California and has been an industry leader in the placement and support of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Whether you’re a large corporation, local small business, or somewhere in between, Employ America empowers your business with mutually beneficial turnkey staffing options that are simple and efficient.

The benefits of working with Employ America are two fold; we help fill open positions, while offering life-changing opportunities to people with disabilities. Through the business and humanistic approach to placing persons in employment, Employ America provides a “win-win” experience for business, the community, and for and the individuals we serve.

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Meet our team

Bella Hawley - Gabe - meet the team22

Gabriel Palomares

Director of Community Development
Bella Hawley - Bella Hawley - meet the team

Bella Hawley

Community Relations Coordinator


Bella Hawley - Andrew - meet the team2

Andrew Wolverton

Director of Community Development