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Internship Program

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Connect to the Talent You’re Searching For

Benefits to Your Business

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Our Internship Program is a great way to become acquainted with all of the work-force services we offer. It also allows you to enhance your team’s productivity, and your bottom line. Interns are paid through Employ America, so It’s a win-win!

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Peace of Mind

Our Interns and job coaches are pre-screened to ensure optimal workplace safety, and a positive atmosphere. While on the job, our interns are managed at no cost to you. In addition, Employ America covers the cost of pre-employment, so there’s nothing holding you back from giving it a try!

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On the Job Evaluation

A trial period is key to building the framework for success. Utilizing the Employ America Internship Program allows you to provide real-life work experience to a candidate, while allowing you room to assess a candidate’s compatibility for your team.

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Low Risk, High Reward

Employ America manages Payroll, Workers Compensation, and Liability Insurance. We also specialize in the supervision and training of workers without placement fees or markups, so you can focus on making sure you have the ideal new team member.

The Employ America Internship Program allows you to evaluate a candidates’ compatibility with your team before you commit. Creating a compatible, diverse team can be challenging, but ultimately increases productivity and work standards.

The program also gives individuals with disabilities invaluable on-site experience while offering employers the opportunity to evaluate individual skill sets. All of our interns are paid through Employ America and are accompanied by an experienced job coach, so the risk is low and the potential for success is high.

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