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Consultation Services

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Connect to the Talent You’re Searching For

Benefits to Your Business

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Job Customization

Our Employ America representatives work closely with you to analyze the range of jobs you need filled. From there, we create a customized plan to identify specific tasks that need accomplishing that will make the most of the skills of each employee.

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Personalized Worksite Analysis

An Employ America representative conducts a walk-thru of your work site to gain an understanding of the advantages and gaps in your workforce. This analysis allows our experienced team to identify and outline which Employ America solution will be most beneficial to your enterprise.

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Quality Assurance and Management

Employ America aims to ensure quality because maintaining consistent quality forms the foundation of increased efficiency and productivity. Employ America team members conduct regular site visits in order to gather feedback and recommendations for any changes that may enhance the benefit for your business. This sets up a positive experience for you and your employees.

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Disability Awareness Training

Our programs include Disability Awareness Training from an Employ America representative. Using ADA Guidelines, we present best practices for working alongside individuals with disabilities. An understanding of every individual’s unique differences contributes to the healthy, harmonious work environment that every organization strives for.

If you still have questions about how Employ America can benefit your business, Employ America offers comprehensive Consultation Services to employers at no additional cost. We work one-on-one with you to understand your goals, industry specifics, and current staffing challenges. We’re here to help your organization improve performance and efficiency.

We will create a labor force solution customized to your needs.

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