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Paid Internship Partnership (PIP)

From Internship

The Paid Internship Partnership (PIP) is a program funded by the California State Department of Developmental Services and Regional Centers. Each PIP provides employers with an opportunity to try out a candidate before fully committing to the hiring process. Clients who are placed receive full prevailing wages at no cost to the employer. Thanks to our local Regional Center partners for implementing this and other services that help create and support employment for persons with developmental disabilities.

To a Job Opportunity

With each internship the participant gains valuable real life work experience that frequently leads to employment, just like Sean (picture above). Sean is one example of the many successful placements utilizing this innovative service. Sean was an intern for a local bakery. After learning his Job Duties and demonstrating his work ethic and abilities, Sean was offered a job with the Sugar Free Shack team in Redondo Beach.

Congratulations Sean! 

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